Aamir trolled for intolerance remarks by RGV

Aamir trolled for intolerance remarks by RGV

Sensational film maker and twitter King Ram Gopal Varma has expressed his views on the latest controversy triggered by Aamir Khan’s remarks on intolerance in India. Earlier Ram Gopal Varma directed and produced superhit Bollywood movie “Rangeela” in 1995, took the twitter and asked him is India is truly intolerant. He tweeted,” If Aamir,Sharuk and Salman the three biggest stars of the Hindu country “India” are Muslims, I don’t understand where intolerance is ? In a predominantly Hindu country,if 3 Muslims can become the biggest iconic super stars that itself proves the majority aren’t intolerant. Some celebs complaining about Intolerance should be the last ones to complain becos they became celebs in a so called intolerant country. Isolated incidents cant be taken as sign of intolerance and the super stardom of 3 Muslims is proof enough of the vast majority’s tolerance”.


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