‘Kumari 21F’ Review: Bold Kumari

raj tarun's kumari 21 F review

Movie: Kumari 21F
Rating: 3/5
Banner: Sukumar Writings
Cast: dominion Tharun, Hebbah Patel, Noel, Hema, and others
Dialogues: Potluri Venki
Music: Hindu deity Sri Prasad
Cinematography: R Rathnavelu
Editor: Amar Reddy
Story, Screenplay: Sukumar B
Producers: Vijaya Prasad Bandreddi and Thomas Reddy Aduri
Directed by: Hindu deity Pratap
Release Date: November twenty, 2015

Leading director Sukumar turning producer to form thought primarily based movies with coming talent was welcome by dead the film industry. His 1st motion picture Kumari 21F leading dominion Tharun United Nations agency has given 2 hits during a row has generated nice expectations.

The promos have connected with the youth. thus has the motion picture met expectations?


Kumari (Hebbah), a model operating in ads and films, may be a daring lady United Nations agency involves Hyderabad from Bombay and lives during a middle-class  colony along with her sick grandparent.

The native boy Siddhu (Raj Tharun), United Nations agency aspires to settle in Singapore as cook, meets her accidentally one night. On the terribly 1st meet, she proposes him and kisses him.

Siddhu lives together with his mother as his father left her for an additional lady. within the starting, Siddhu likes Kumari’s boldness however attributable to his 3 friends United Nations agency square measure rowdies and additionally petty thieves, he doubts Kumari’s character.

A girl United Nations agency is model and daring may be virgin, will she not have romantic past with others, he starts questioning. Further, she rejects his love voice communication he has not matured enough to like her. What happens then? however will Siddhu deal with this?

Artistes’ Performances:

Raj Tharun United Nations agency has already evidenced his acting skills in his last 2 movies comes up with another sensible performance.

But the film belongs to Kumari contend by Hebbah Patel, she is incredibly daring in look and additionally has sensible acting skills. As mischievous lady with trendy outlook, Hebbah offers her best.

Hema as middleclass mother has done neat job. Among the unhealthy boys, Noel gets detected.

Technical Excellence:

Rathnavelu’s terrific motion-picture photography and Hindu deity Sri Prasad’s stylish music square measure the main assets to the motion picture. Rathnavelu has recorded the story thus fantastically.

Devi Sri Prasad’s songs in addition because the little musical bit that’s used through out the motion picture square measure sensible. Art work, piece of writing and production values square measure competent.


Different thought
Songs and Visuals
Good performances
Second 0.5


Adult content
Some scenes square measure too awkward


Sukumar, the writer, has perpetually picked up uncommon storylines that square measure quite completely different from the regular setup. although he has not directed this motion picture, as author of the motion picture he will an equivalent – absorbing a daring thought. The story in addition because the playscript is kind of completely different from the regular vogue with terribly daring content.

The motion picture queries the terribly perspective of a lady being judged on her dressing and her free-mingling nature. Why ought to a lady not have a past, past is past, love the lady for the way she is behaving with you at the moment, says the movie’s heroine.

The hero is representative of most men United Nations agency desires his lover be a ‘virgin’. Conflict of those ideologies is conferred by Sukumar in his offbeat and daring technique, that some might digest simply and it’d not go well with others.

Starting off as adult immature story with various dialogues on human body and sex, the motion picture slowly picks up the momentum post interval and winds up as fully completely different matured story. the start of the motion picture is simply too daring, however the explanation for the heroine’s behavior is explained later because the motion picture progresses.

Like the title it’s all concerning Kumari, the team has elite right lady. Hebbah has given her best. With performances, sensible technical values and daring content, Sukumar has conferred Kumari 21F. The motion picture has stamp of Sukumar than the director Hindu deity Pratap.

The story is about during a lower socio-economic class colony of KGB and therefore the story traces the story of a boy and lady United Nations agency square measure residents of that colony. It additionally shows the assorted issues or twists and turns such love stories will have attributable to the atmosphere that they’re in and therefore the reasonably individuals they move with on a each day. In short, aside from their feelings, they even have to manage plenty of alternative influences and Sukumar’s latest story highlights this side.

First half is a lot of of fun however the $64000 content lies within the last half and therefore the climax half is attention-grabbing however it’s downsides too.

At times the motion picture additionally leaves in you in confusion mutually is unable to decipher what the motion picture is attempting to mention as several contradictory statements keep returning in.

Sukumar has given some classic touches to the script that takes it to a different level and causes you to forget all its shortcomings. there’s a sub plot of hero’s folks broken wedding that was later used for the belief of hero. that’s dead fantastically and nobody will provides a higher ending than this. Sukumar has excelled as a author in giving good ending to Kumari.

All in all, Kumari 21F can connect with youth and therefore the those that prefer to see daring content. This try is kind of uncommon.

Bottomline: completely different try


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