Arnold becomes trouble for Shankar

Arnold becomes trouble for Shankar

Director sitar player World Health Organization needs to rope Hollywood whizz Arnold Schwarzenegger to play the role of antagonist in his forthcoming motion-picture show “Robo 2” is facing ton of troubles by  Arnold Schwarzenegger. He needs to form villain him in  reel life however he’s turning into villain in his world. Earlier he asked Rs a hundred Crores as remuneration to act within the motion-picture show is that Rajinikanth can play the lead role. The budget of the motion-picture show is Rs three hundred Crorres, sitar player tried to convert the producer of the motion-picture show to rope him as a result of he’s solely the one that will justify with this role. manufacturers asked Arnold to allot fifty days for shoot however he’s able to allot solely thirty six days. Recently he asked manufacturers to form changes within the script and take the assistance of Hollywood script writers. His demands square measure increasing day by day that isn’t attainable to satisfy by manufacturers. The motion-picture show is made by Lyca Productions. presently Rajinikanth is busy in his forthcoming motion-picture show “Kabali” in Asian nation, when wrapping the shoot he can be a part of the set of Robo a pair of.


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