Rudhramadevi Telugu and Tamil Movie Review 2015

Rudhramadevi movie review
 First, SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali conquered not simply the box workplace however additionally the hearts of the individuals. Last week, Vijay’s Puli discovered as a rather shoddy and juvenile try on fantasy filmmaking. And currently Anushka, Rana and Bunny stars Rudhramadevi supported the lifetime of someone queen of Kakateya family has finally hit the screens. thus will Rudhramadevi manage to contend with Baahubali or will it stoop as low as Puli? Lets ascertain.
About Rudhramadevi:
The film takes North American country into the age wherever daughters of house weren’t thought-about to be suited rule the dominion. The ruler of Kakateya family, King Ganesa Dev, in a trial to stay the enemies and detractors far from the the throne, raises his solely girl Rudhramadevi ( Anushka) sort of a son. before long the young lady turns into a fine someone and returns back to the dominion as blue blood to the throne. throughout her reign, she must agitate issues of people, blood traitors within the family and therefore the unconquerable rebel Gona Ganna Reddy (Allu Arjun). She additionally falls infatuated with blue blood Chalukya Veer Bhadra ( Rana Daggubati). however once the reality is undraped that the young blue blood is really a girl, the ministers and therefore the general public force her to depart the dominion. As before long the news of Rudhramadevi’s exile reaches the enemy wants to rule Kakateya kingdom, they march forward and attack them. However will Rudhramadevi save her kingdom from perishing? you may need to watch it on massive screens to seek out out.

Best Points in Rudhramadevi:

There area unit many positives within the film, that area unit price appreciating. initial of all, the story and therefore the script of Rudhramadevi is partaking and rarely sways from its tracks, a minimum of within the half. There area unit many characters and their completely different notions, that confirm that you simply area unit ne’er bored. the primary of the film, tho’ takes time to determine the plot, is kind of amusive. The parts with adolescent Anushka’s coaching and her unforeseen realisation that she may be a lady dead sets the tone of the film within the starting. The drama think about the film is nicely handled and therefore the flow of narration is additionally swish. Anushka Shetty delivers a stand out performance, each because the armoured young blue blood Rudhra Dev sans form up and because the stunning queen Rudhramadevi. Anushka aptly pulls forward the film mounted on her slender shoulders as she shows all the characteristics needed during a someone queen. She excels in fighting scenes and at an equivalent time competently showcases the vulnerability of a woman torn between love and duty. Rana Daggubati has given a good enough performance, enjoying chum to Anushka within the film. Allu Arjun’s vogue and star power area unit the highlights of his rebellious role of Gonna Gana Reddy. weapon system fight scenes area unit nicely choreographed and therefore the war formations like snake, eagle etc area unit spectacular.

Negatives in Rudhramadevi:

If you had seen the trailer, you’d agree that the VFX effects appeared substandard. Everything from the castle to curtilage to the out-of-doors amphitheatre is really created with the assistance of CGI. once the moving picture starts, i used to be very little shocked by the very fact that the VFX weren’t as dangerous as i believed. perhaps it absolutely was the impact of 3D glasses or my magnified endurance level to rotten VFX ( Puli), that it took Maine someday to know that the standard of VFX is decreasing with each passing frame. The pillar on high of that Gona Ganna Reddy stands and offers his bromidic speech appearance thus game like, however it’s solely second to the crappily designed VFX of arrows descending from the sky throughout war sequences. Well, whereas Telugu audience may be generous enough to let dangerous VFX go, Hindi speaking audience WHO area unit still underneath the impact of Baahubali won’t stifle their laughter at cinema halls. the opposite massive downside is its action scenes and boring war sequence. The action in Rudhramadevi is thus over the highest that it might simply fall within the class of Rajinikanth’s faculty of action. The war scenes fail to evoke any sense of epinephrin rush as dangerous VFX and rather laughable action stunts build it a nap fest. returning to the dialogues of the film, they’re bromidic as hell. Now, I can’t discuss Telugu dialogues however the Hindi soundtrack is simply too loud and too significant for audience to require it seriously. The dialogues that Allu Arjun speaks are literally funny, however sadly they weren’t meant to be funny. The music within the film may be a large disenchanted because the musical master Illayaraaja churns out mediocre songs. Also, the film is simply too prolonged with its run time near 3 hours.

Must Watch Once:

If you’re a endure fan of Anushka and Allu Arjun, and might digest its mediocre VFX, dangerous 3D effects and boring half, then do opt for Rudhramadevi. it’s not as dangerous as Puli that had no story whatsover. however if you’re expecting associate another Baahubali at massive screens, then ready to be very foiled.

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