Puli Tamil Movie Review

Puli Tamil Movie ReviewCast: Vijay, Sridevi, Sudeep, Shruti Haasan, Hansika Motwani
Director: Chimbu Deven
Producer: Shibu Thameens, PT Selvakumar
Writer: Chimbu Deven
Music Director: Devi Sri Prasad
Production Company: SKT Studios
The movie “Puli” starring Vijay, Shruthi Hassan, Hanshika Motwani, Sridevi and Sudeep is Tamil Fantasy adventure movie which is written and directed by Chimbu Deven.
 Story: The movie is based on the fantasy kingdom Vedhala Kotai which is ruled by Evil queen Yavanadevi (Sridevi) and commandeered by Jaladarangan (Sudeep). Cruel commander Jaladarangan uses magical powers and tunes Yavanadevi into puppet. Jaladarangan leads a team of worriers which is known as Vedhalangal and he wants to get the throne of Vedhala Kotai .They often attacked on other villages and forcefully asked to pay tax. They treated the villagers like slaves and took control on them. On the other hand Marudheeran (Vijay) is living happily with his girlfriend Pavala Malli (Shruti Haasan) and foster father Vembunathan (Prabhu) in a nearby village. After few twists, Pavala Malli is kidnapped and Vembunathan is killed by Vedalamclan. Marudheeran enters in Yavana’s kingdom to save Pavala Malli and earn the trust of Yavana and as a result of it she announced the wedding of her daughter Mandakini (Hanshika) to him. How Marudheeran saved Pavalamalli and how he rescues the villagers from the Evil Queen is the rest of story.

Plus point:
· Performance of Vijay
· Presence of Sudeep
· Glamour of Shruthi and Hanshika
Minus point:
· First half dragged
· Run Time
· Weak Climax
· Dialogues
· Screenplay

Performance: Actor Vijay appeared in terrific avatar and is the soul of Puli. He impressed to the audiences by his wonderful performance and sword fighting. His body languages are expressions are receiving lot of applause. In the second half of the movie his dancing and stunts received clap and whistles. He tried to maintain balance in the role of the emotion as well as Warrior but not able to successful. He tried to do something different and given his best but audiences has rejected him in this fantasy movie. His new makeover in long hair style has become the part of comedy for audiences. Shruthi Hassan and Hanshika Motwani have become the part of glamour and did not get much screen space to show their talent. Sridevi as evil Queen has done justification with her role. Her presence is the main attraction of the movie and she was looking very pretty. Sudeep has delivered his best in the role of antagonist. Prabhu and Thambi Ramaiah have performed decently. Ali, Vidyu Raman, Thambi Ramaiah and Nandita Swetha have done justification with their roles.
Technical: The direction and screenplay of the movie which is provided by Chimbu Deven has failed to impress the audiences. He tried to use Hollywood shades but audiences did not get any impressive element in the movie. The dialogues are not up to mark. Cinematography which is handled by Natty is colorful and not liked by audiences. Art director used huge set for greenery, background and other elements like giant tortoise which looks like that audiences are watching any kid’s cartoon movie. VFX in few scenes are not pleasant and showing that characters and background are artificially attached. Natraj tried to do unusual and challenging but became flop. Editing by Sreekar Prasad is not up to the mark, he could chop extra scenes to make the movie much better. Devi Sri Prasad who has received lot of applause for his other Telugu movie has given putrid music for Puli.

Analysis: The overall movie is average. The main attraction of the movie is its VFX work and graphics. After watching the movies, audiences compared the VFX of Puli and Baahubali, they found that VFX of Baahubali is better than Puli. The story of the movie has taken enough time to establish its plot and tested the patience of audiences. The high technical aspects are the major attraction of the movie. Art direction which is given by Muthuraj is good. The direction which is given by Chimbu Deven is not appreciable and he did not able to deliver the potential of star cast of the movie. The skin shows of the female actresses have spoiled the main motto of the movie. Earlier Puli was declared as Fantasy movie but audiences searched fantasy element but did not find anything like that. Its average screenplay and other technical faults makes the movie Puli just a onetime watchable only. The movie is only good for kids and fans of Vijay.
Punch: Fantasy movie turns into woeful movie.


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